Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Software craftsmanship

"Crafting the details" to me evokes hours spent filling in the little gaps and cleaning up, while rethinking the whole thing over and over again. Hours when few lines of code get written, yet the overall quality and understanding improve dramatically. I was thinking how much I value and do it...

Software craftsmanship is when we spend at least 20% of the project time crafting the details.

Posted to the Software Craftsmanship user group:

Monday, 6 April 2009

I am a software professional

[Draft manifesto. Partly in response to the Software Craftsmanship manifesto.]

I am a software professional:

1) I build software that solves my customers' needs, explicit and implicit.

That is the only software I will qualify as "working".

2) The software I build not only works, it keeps working.

Always around the optimal balance between minimality and continuous improvement.

3) I build software with honesty, responsibility, vision, and passion.

My customer is king and I will tell him when he is wrong: no excuse, rather quit.

4) I believe in professional integrity and real competence.

This is no place for unscrupulous marketers and incompetent wannabies.

I am a software professional, and I am damn proud of it!