Monday, 14 April 2008

If I jump into a Ferrari and... run away?

Ok, let's suppose somehow I get around the boxes of an F1 circuit at the time of a race: difficult surely, but if you take into account a bit of luck, pretty doable.

Let's then suppose somehow I manage to find an F1 car in the proper conditions, that is as much ready to start as needed: so difficult that, again, with a bit of luck, it is definitely possible.

Let's finally suppose I manage to start and go: not so difficult, above all if I have *trained* hundreds of hours in a proper simulator...


Wow... let's assume I wake up from a crash at the very first bench after the start. Hmm, what has gone wrong?

Flash-forward, watching TV in London: in a show called Top Gear [*], a journalist is to have a try at driving an F1. He has some previous *experience*, so they first let him try a lower formula, so that he can prepare to the F1 experience. He is not that fast but quite comfortable on the F2, but at his first attempt on the F1, that is, after he manages to start the car, he is not even able to go as fast as to keep tires in temperature. At his second attempt, and not before some magic from the mechanics, he does it; funny driving, anyway he is able to complete his 2 laps with no more damage than a couple of testa-coda in the smaller benches.

Bottom line: simulation doesn't sum up to competence, and I'd rather go into journalism than try some more training.

Indeed, do not steal a Ferrari, just *** it.

[*] Richard drives a F1 car round Silverstone - Top Gear - BBC (YouTube version)

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